Friday, December 25, 2009

Number One

I fell for it. I mean, I tried. But it's hard when you follow so many blogs and you're up at 2:00am thinking what you could possibly do to pass the time. Making this crap took longer than I expected. This brings me back to my xanga days YEARS ago. Of course, I was younger and definitely better at HTML than I am now. Seeing as how I can't upload pictures from my computer to this blog, I guess this also means I'll have to make a Flickr account and other things I don't want to do, but will because it's fucking 3:00 in the morning. Sleeping has found it's way off my list of priorities, as well as feeding my addiction to WoW. That has made it's way to the bottom of the list; I've been playing for five years, not sure how that happened. "Such is life."

I'll keep it short -- I can finally feel my eye lids heavy out. My amazing friends from Oklahoma are visiting this weekend. I imagine a hell of a fucking time. Here is an awesome picture of my awesome friends.
Merry Christmas.