Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Amazing cooking week and Cold Feet

I have been doing some cooking lately.

Cooking. Me. Cooking.

It's been AWESOME. I've had home cooked meals everyday this week. On Monday, man friend and I grilled hot dogs, it's been some time. Tuesday, I cooked up some Filipino fudz, longanisa with rice, it has been SOME TIME. Emphasis on that; it's literally been years since I've had longanisa. Today, grilled burgers with chipotle mayo and bacon. I had mentioned the idea of using a full pound of meat between two people was a bad one, but man friend failed to realize that. I am so full. Men. Tunnel vision. PLEASE. I managed to snap a few of the burgers, but since I'm bad, I forgot about the other two dishes. I will post them when I get the chance.

As far as cold feet goes, I'm suffering. All I'm going to say is: I need to wow before I start having dreams about my sad blood elf. D2 is amazing and all, but damn.

6/4/2010 -- update

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  1. :O that food looks scrumptious! and you are such a nerd. <3