Sunday, June 20, 2010

Statesboro Farmers Market

OH. MY. WORD. If I could use only one word to explain this heat, it would be: BIG. This heat is big time. BIG TIME. Slappe de bess mon. You could stand outside for two minutes and feel your bangs stick to your forehead. It's great. I was standing on the porch while grilling some amazing chicken breast a couple days ago; I felt my feet burning in the sun. I could feel my skin cells dieing and screaming "WWWHHHHYYY!" There was little sympathy. However, all this glorious weather has led to only one thing, the even more glorious swimming pools. Swimming of pools. Pools of swimming. It's fun. Though I have been a beach bum for years, a good 22 years and counting (kinda), it has been some time that I have been in a pool. The idea of a giant tub with chlorine, dead bugs and debris is not very exciting, but the fact that I'm not pushed around by waves thus leaving me to legitimately swim is very exciting. However, ain't nothin' wrong with body swimming. I could do it for days. The summers here definitely beat out summers in San Diego that usually last 3-5 months.

Today was the first day of Farmer's Market. I haven't been to one since I was 12. There was the veggie section that had good prices and bad prices, arts and crafts, and BAKED GOODS. Oh my goodness. Honestly, we went for the vegetables, I swear. I didn't even know there was a baked goods section. And it was amazing. We ended up walking out with a whole and half of kalamata olive foccacia. Not really a big fan of olives, but damn, this was some good ass bread. We also bought a little over a pound of wonderful Georgia peaches that seriously, really, in all things serious, tastes like juice. From a bottled. Bottled peach juice. Beautiful peaches in a beautiful state. It's wONDArful.

Once I get through with my blood sugar baby, and all levels are normal, I will post up about a taco weekend we currently had. It was outrageous. 

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