Friday, July 23, 2010

Good times with Cake Balls

As I promised, the cake balls. I used red velvet cake mix but you can really do whatever you want here. Chocolate cake/chocolate frosting, spice cake/cream cheese frosting, strawberry cake/white chocolate coating. Get creative. My best friend was ridiculously excited about making these, it was ridiculous. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and these did not come out to that perfection. However, Nikki believed the only thing that mattered was how they tasted in her mouth, not how they looked. That, being related to my coworkers, was true. Throughout the day I kind of sat back and watched what happened. They went nuts. Their eyes were big and body movement was jittery. They weren't cake balls anymore, they were crack balls. While this isn't entirely true, it's how I remembered it. One of my coworkers came up to me and a friend while hanging out around the registers being lazy, and crazed about them. Her eyes were huge. It was a little creepy. She said she was confused at first, thinking they were chocolate covered cherries, then the cake fisted her face. Everyone started wondering who the hell made them, so I finally spoke up. And of course, they all asked for a written copy of the recipe thinking there was some crazy cooking science involved. CAKE and FROSTING, DONE.

Even today, after a week, people asked for the recipe. Another in particular who asked if I made them. Yes. They were SO GOOD. While she was saying this, her eyes grew huge and her head tilted back. The only thing I was thinking was, "Oh god, don't hurt me."

Nice and frosty.

Cake Balls
From Bakerella

1 box of cake mix
1 can cream cheese frosting
1 package of almond bark

Bake the cake according to directions on the box. Let it completely cool, then crumble. Don't crumble too much or you won't have nice cakey chunks. Add as much frosting to your liking. Also, add enough to make sure the consistency is strong enough to hold a ball form. Freeze for two to three hours. Melt chocolate and start coating! Freeze for about a half hour. Enjoy!

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