Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh What A Few Weeks

Well to start off with, Man Friend is no longer man friend. He is officially boyfriend. It's gross. Anyway, his absence has caused a slump in my willingness to share recipes, mainly due to laziness and that I have no one to cook for! And also, Crispy Boyfriend took my camera with him to Maryland. Cooking for yourself isn't as fun as cooking for two. However, there have been some yummies that have been cooking around the kitchen, one being delicious red velvet cake balls. They really take zero effort, but leave a big mess if you're not careful, which I wasn't. Of course. I will have to make them again so I can post because I'm a nerd like that. The wait goes on, oh boy.

Another reason why I haven't posted anything is because last week was my birthday week. I'm older. Meh. My best friend came to visit me for the week. I screamed and almost cried when she walked up to the gate. That was probably the girliest moment I've ever had. Don't make fun, you have them too. She was fun, I missed her. I could tell she was having a TERRIBLE time. Nikki, being a city girl, is certainly not amused down south. But we had a good time. ALSO, Crispy Boyfriend ALSO came down from Atlanta to ALSO celebrate my birthday with me. It was quite sweet. Gross. Lots of drinking and dancing and being young, for the moment. Went to Tybee and had fun at the beach where I discovered I was, in fact, a water pokemon in my natural environment.Crispy Boyfriend says it was pleasant. Crispy Boyfriend is crispy because we spent about 2 hours at Tybee on Sunday, then another 3 on Tuesday. This leads to a crispy Boyfriend, who evidently, tans better than I do. It's so stupid.

However, Crispy Boyfriend has left AGAIN. FOR THREE AND A HALF GOD DAMN WEEKS. Not happy.

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